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Posted by Manny Miami on 9th Oct 2014

My friends in the North, namely Michigan, say yea Florida, whatever, your not the smartest bunch down there anyhow, so what's all the hoopla about Florida anywho? Well, while it may be tempting to be agreeable, I beg to differ. I'm not going to pull a bunch of stats or even anything remotely close to doing so. Why not? Well because simply put, a bit of common sense and knowledge should suffice to sell my point. It's really not that complicated. 

Let's just say, its simply a matter of making a lifestyle choice. So ask yourself. Do you enjoy being freezing cold, shoveling the drive way, walking out to a freezing ass cold automobile, or talking yourself into how beautiful the sunless, bleak, slushy, and grey winter days are? So for those snow bunnies that can't wait to tell you how much they love the winter, I got just two words for you; bull shit. I'm not signing that, and I'm definitely not buying it!

I mean what's so smart about freezing your nads off and being unemployed all in the same day, every other day?

I'm just saying...