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Tour Miami | Miami Tours | Miami to Key West | Everglades Miami | Why I launched Miami Discount Tours

Tour Miami | Miami Tours | Miami to Key West | Everglades Miami | Why I launched Miami Discount Tours

Posted by Manny Miami on 19th Jul 2014

Miami Discount Tours was created as somewhat of an accident. I originally studied Management of Information Systems at the University of Michigan. It should come as no surprise that neither the weather nor the culture of Northern Michigan was something I much enjoyed as the cultural diversity and warm weather were somewhat hard to come by. Once I finished my studies in Michigan, I immediate moved to South Florida seeking the sun as well as the multi-ethnic culture I craved since childhood. Finding a well-paying job in Sough Florida was another story.

I started out as a server as so many others have done once they land in Miami. This career was short lived and I soon found myself working in the tourism industry. I originally worked for Westgate Resorts promoting timeshares and giving out free Miami tours as gifts to those, in my opinion, unfortunately persons that chose to attend a timeshare presentation in exchange for free gifts. Needless to say, I was most uncomfortable at my job as often those same people that had attended the presentations would come back to me, almost always with negative feedback. I was determined to help these very visitors to better afford some of the most popular Miami tours, and it was this very desire that propelled me to launch Miami Discount Tours, as a way for visitors and tourists alike coming to Miami Beach to better afford to do the things they wanted to experience while in Miami and the Beaches. Furthermore, my education in information systems made it possible for me to launch the website without the added cost of paying website designers and the likes of. 

My interest in American history as well Spanish history and the influence of the Spanish upon our American culture fascinated me. This interest tied into the tourism business I would soon start, quite well. This is how Miami Discount Tours once upon a time came to be.