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Posted by Manny Miami on 4th Aug 2014

There are many historically important personages that were crucial in forming the great state of Florida. Although there is not ample room here a complete list or description of how these brave and daring individuals helped create and establish many of Florida's  most important cities, an attempt to at minimum give tribute these crucial pioneers which have as of long contributed to Florida's character and spirit. If you feel that an important omission has occurred, contact us as we will gladly update this post. 

Florida's most prominent pioneers and important contributions to Florida and the nation:

  • Mr. Sam Summerlin, Kissimmee and Jacob Summerlin - participants in the Civil War, first Consignment of Oranges.
  • W.L. Gradick, Jacksonville - largest individual cattle owner, helped establish the trails to Miami, conducted one of the first railway surveys.
  • Mrs. Nettie Bass Hatch, Kissimmee - One of Orlando's first settlers, first school teacher.
  • Mr. E.L.D. Overstreet, Shingle Creek - prominent Florida politician, Civil War participant.
  • Mr. Stephan S. Roberts, Homestead - built first hotel in Homestead, the Henry Overstreet.
  • Mr. Thomas A. Hughey, Hilliard's Island - Oldest Native-born Citizen of Orlando, building of one of the first school houses, father purchased Hilliard's Island, helped establish mail routes, acted as Clerk of the Court.
  • Mr. Hannigan Patrick, Orlando - mail-carrier on Old Government Trail, first settlers and merchants in Mellonville, helped establish Orlando's first Post Office.
  • Mr. Edward A. Skinner, Tampa - Built first business houses in Tampa, Florida-The Colaboose, the Nutkalaga Hammock.
  • Mr. James E. Cambell, St. Cloud - Built first school in St. Cloud, one of oldest residences, contributed to the transcontinental railway.
  • Mr. Joseph W. Zeigler, Kissimmee - Owned and operated The Miller and Henderson Steamship Company, helped establish the mail route.
  • Mr. William Wesley Clark, The Point - Steamboat operator, established horse racing with his wife, Mrs. Clark, Deserter of the Civil War, helped in naming and forming Osceola County, early representative, participated in the establishment of General Jessup's Trail and Ford.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Lee Lanier, Shingle Creek - early hunters and fishermen, contributes to the establishment of the first train to Orlando, helped in opening the first post office in Shingle Creek.
  • Mr. Aaron Bass, St. Cloud - Civil War participant, establishment of Route of general Harney's Trail, recipe for making salt, Wright Homesteads South Kissimmee, Rob Bass Homesteads North Kissimmee, fine cattle.
  • Mrs. Matilda Willis Cayson, Kissimmee - making fire with flint, her father, schools, mail route, selling of cattle stock.
  • Mr. Paul Yates, Kissimmee - Mr. Jimmie Yate's Store, Pine Timber, Macey's Smokehouse, Indian Wigwams, Camp Meeting Grounds.

There are many more historical characters worth mentioning, unfortunately, the numbers are overwhelming and the balance must be left for another day. 

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