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Top ten things to do in Miami-Key West

Posted by Manny Miami on 27th Jan 2015

#4 Top ten things to do in Miami-Key West

Snorkeling ,do you enjoy looking at a beautiful aquarium? All the colors, from the fish to the coral.

Ever imagine yourself swimming in there. I will never forget my first snorkeling experience, from the moment I put on my mask and fins I was hooked.Once you immerse yourself you enter a completely different world everything becomes silent and everything you see is magnified, the colors are absolutely breathtaking. You see thousands of fish, each specie in their own school and depth with a colorful coral backdrop making for an interesting palette. You will see Lobster, Green Eel's that you can touch, Lion Fish, only to name a few.

I also did a wreck dive, a completely unique experience, seeing an old ship is worth the trip alone,

now throw in a few interesting Fish such as the Goliath Grouper, Giant Green Eel that are very curious and will come to greet you a little intimidating at first. you will also see Giant Barracuda maybe even a few Sharks which are generally timid. You will also see many other predatory type Fish. Way too much to talk about, I highly recommend doing this I booked mine with Miami discount tours.

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