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The Freedom Tower Miami | Miami Tours and Sightseeing

Posted by Pinky and the Brain on 11th Dec 2017


Freedom Tower Miami | Miami Tours and Sightseeing

Freedom Tower in Miami, Florida is regarded as the "Ellis Island of the South” for its part from 1962 throughout 1974 as the Cuban Support Center, providing nationally authorized assistance to the Cuban exiles which solicited federal refuge from the government of Fidel Castro. A National Historic Landmark, Freedom Tower represents the powerful story of the Cuban flight to the United States including resettlement throughout the Cold War. Due to the civic environment of the period, Cubans querying legislative refuge experienced a cordial greeting to the United States. Countless Cubans escaped to Miami, Florida due to its imminent vicinity to Cuba.

Established during President John F. Kennedy’s presidency, the Migration and Emigrant Assistance Act of 1962 allowed a large number of Cubans retreating to the United States for federal refuge. The U.S. administration converted the structure at 600 Biscayne Boulevard in Miami into the Freedom Tower, inaugurating the Cuban Support Center there to assist Cubans with everything from wellness to shelter, economics, and training. While aid hubs inaugurated in Miami and other cities, the Freedom Tower is the sole most prominent concrete display of this time of Cold War-era diplomacies and the Cuban emigration life. Larger than anything, Freedom Tower provides a beacon of optimism and liberty, as well as the stout belief that self-government should be accessible to all who struggle against demagoguery.

The building of the structure that would mature to be the Freedom Tower started on June 11, 1924. Past Ohio director James M. Cox acquired the Miami Daily News in 1923 throughout a flourishing financial time in Florida and authorized the erection of the structure for management as the newspaper’s base and distribution facility.

The turret, based on the configuration of the Giralda minaret of the Cathedral of Seville. 

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