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The Florida Keyes Reopen For First Time Since Irma Hit Affection Miami Tours Operators and Tourists Alike

Posted by Raul Arenas on 22nd Oct 2017

Miami to Key West

Originally set to reopen October 20th, the Florida Keys has already reopened to tourists earlier this month. Nearly all the Miami to Key West tours are now operational and running smoothly. So if you're visiting Florida and hoped to get down to the Keys, you are in luck

The impact of hurricane Irma on Miami tours to Key West has been significate. Shortly after the hurricane, Irma made landfall the entire Florida Keys were closed off by the corresponding authorities. Miami tour companies were suddenly unable to travel to the Florida Keys and tourist who had not heeded the warning from public officials found themselves stranded in an unidentifiable landscape, such was the destructive power felt in the Florida Keys by hurricane Irma.

With palm trees blown over like twigs and buildings devastated by Irma's category winds, residents and trapped tourists were left only to witness the sheer destruction of the hurricane. With many rooftops uprooted by the heavy winds, many were left in awe, observing the sky stars from their very living room couches. It would be approximately three weeks before some form of normalized life would begin.

The estimated death toll in the Florida Keys surpassed ten lives. Hurricane Irma destruction was extensive in southern Florida, with the storm damaging 25% of Florida Keys homes, FEMA officials proclaimed during a news conference. Many other residences faced heavy damage and millions continue to require power.

Irma made landfall as a Category 4 hurricane before ultimately weakening. Nevertheless, areas the storm caught like Key West and Naples, with almost “every house in the Keys” being affected.

Military leaders measure that some 10,000 people who didn’t formerly leave the region will still have to be evacuated from the Florida Keys. It could be weeks before power is restored to millions of homes across the state, and the property damage on insured entities could cost anywhere from $20 billion to $40 billion.

As of September 15th, 2017, twelve people have died and a quarter of all homes have been destroyed in the Florida Keys following Hurricane Irma, state officials say.

The body count, which takes the storm's total death toll to 61, were confirmed by emergency authorities as residents began returning to their devastated neighborhoods.

The governor of Florida said there was a "lot of work to do" in the wake of Sunday's Category four storm, which hit the largely evacuated area with winds of up to 215kph.

"We are bringing people back to a normal life as fast as possible ... everybody's going to come together, and we are going to get this state rebuilt," he said on Tuesday.

Initial damage assessments revealed that almost 65 percent of homes in the Florida Keys had sustained major damage. The scarcity of water is the most pressing fact facing Key West as residents up and down the Florida Keys try to restore normality after being overwhelmed by Hurricane Irma.

Residents in the US mainland's most southern city have no water, no electric, no sewage, and limited cell phone coverage. There is no running water at all in Key West, with residents even unable to flush toilets. The emergency operations center has a few extensive water containers and is rationing water, allowing people to use only a small amount of water for approximately two hours each morning to clean up. But the water is not potable.

Miami tours operators just recently began operations anew. For those of you looking to go from Miami to Key West, the light is now green and you may go ahead and book your tours from Miami to Key West.

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