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Plans to drill for oil in the Florida Everglades | July 12, 2015 | Florida Eco-Adventure Tours

Posted by Mani Miami on 11th Jul 2015

A Miami company has sought permission to drill for oil in the Everglades in the locality of western Broward County, setting off a likely alarm bells with environmentalists over the  remote area targeted which is inhabited by wading birds, alligators and other wildlife.

Broward County, filed applications with the state to drill a well more than two miles deep to assess the feasibility of extracting oil. The well would stand about five miles north-west of Miramar.

The company said the permit filed this week is "one of the first steps in a long-term plan that includes proposed mining, as well as water storage and water quality improvement components that have the potential for assisting with Everglades restoration."

The targeted land was originally purchased by Joseph Kanter, a Miami banker, real estate developer and philanthropist who helped establish Lauderhill as well as several other communities. His plans to build a town on the Everglades land never came to fruition as the South Florida Water Management District acquired the rights to control the water flowing over the land, as part of its management of the Everglades.

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