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Posted by Manny Miami on 17th Nov 2014

Being thankful doesn't cost a dime, yet it pays huge dividends.

Being thankful quite simply determines the difference between being miserable or being happy. Life is inevitably rich in inequities, challenges, painful experiences, missed opportunities, and feelings of hurt and/or regret. Here are some simple rules to help us navigate the stormy waters of life, enrich our lives, and minimize the pain.

  • At the end of the day, reflect. And no matter how awful or unfair it seems life has been towards you, find something positive that has come or will come of it. The positive result may seem so insignificant, you might just have to laugh it off. So you see, even going through this simple process works. Since you see the laughing it off is a larger positive then the insignificant positive result you arrived at. Moreover, the laughing gets one sailing in the right direction. Needless to say, without the insignificant positive result you arrived at, the end game (the positive laughter), can not exist! So you see, the positive thinking process feeds itself. 
  • Never play the blame game. This will never do anything but bring you to a place you neither want to go to or stay in. This is the place negativity (aka, death) thrives.
  • Force yourself to mitigate and reengineer that negative into something positive. Even if that simply means, a new lesson learned in life. Admittedly, perhaps a hard lesson at that, but nonetheless one you will likely need not relearn.

If none of the above rules seam to be working, here is a full proof quick fix. It's very simple, just realize and accept that no matter what, things can almost always be worse (unless your already dead). If you don't believe this, I'm here to tell you that the proof is in the fact that your reading this blog, which means your still here, alive and albeit maybe not so well.

Mother Teresa once said, "the world hungers for love more than for bread." So let's always try our best to not only find the best in others, but also in ourselves. Let's face it, we have a whole lot to be thankful for. Moreover, I find it an irrefutable truth that without life's suffering, we could ever truly experience love and thankfulness that can lead us to a meaningful and utopian life .

Here's another little trick to put in your hat: 

So every day, when you wake up in the morning, without any need to bring God into this, but I won't stop you either, 
just say these simple yet magical three words:

"Life is good!"

Thanks for reading.