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Miami Tours | Tour Miami | Everglades Miami | Miami to Key West | Miami to Orlando Tours | The American Dream...Is it still alive?

Miami Tours | Tour Miami | Everglades Miami | Miami to Key West | Miami to Orlando Tours | The American Dream...Is it still alive?

Posted by Manni Miami on 2nd Nov 2014

As an American, I believe the question "Is the American Dream still alive?" is begging to be answered and should therefore adequately be addressed. In fact, this same question is on the minds of not just, us, Americans, but is also on the minds of people from all walks of life and from around the globe. 

Let's face it, the best of our industrial days seem, at least for the foreseeable future, to be behind us. Moreover, our country, economy, and let's face it, our people have suffered and endured much over the span of the last past few decades. We've been through a lot. The internet stock market bubble in 2000, the attacks of 9/11 a year later, the subsequent wars in Iraq and Afganistan, the practical collapse of our banking industry, the crash of the stock markets in 2008, and the subsequent bust the of the real estate market starting in 2008, have only added to the struggle of acheiving the American Dream. But it is not all bad news. I believe there is still hope in the horizon. Moreover, although some areas of the country have suffered and had to endure more than others, there are yet some bright spots on the map.

For one, the services industry has been the fastest industry of growth not only domestically but globally, and our statistics in this booming market are truly encouraging indeed as our country continues to commandeer and lead the global pack in terms of the service industry. 

Yes, our country is under siege no doubt, i.e., everything is made in China, are border security is inadequate, as is our healthcare system, and so on, and so forth. Yet when one looks back into our historical past, one can't help but be optimistic. Afterall, the story of the American Dream is one of survival, endurance, and, yes, unity when cornered or challenged as a nation. Does racism still rear its evil horns? Yes, of course. But considering women just recently gained the right to vote in the mid-1990's, the progress we've made is grand, and our prospects, wide and open.

My dear fellow Americans, readers, and lookers on, I would argue that not only is the American Dream alive and well, but that the opportunities offered by the advent of technology and our countries mastery and dominion in this industry offer opportunities beyond our wildest dreams.