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Miami Tours Money Saving Tips and Tricks | November, 2017

Posted by Pinky and the Brain on 6th Nov 2017

Miami tours and sightseeing

Miami Tours and sightseeing Tips and Tricks

Miami Tours are a great way to see the best of Miami and its surroundings. There is plenty to see and do in Miami and for those visiting for the first time, Miami tours of the city and the surrounding waterways are a great way to experience the most amazing sights and sounds of this vibrant city. Miami boat tours combined with Miami city tours are offered daily both in the mornings and the afternoons. On average the Miami City and Boat Tour lasts approximately six hours. 

While many Miami tours operators offer similar packages, Miami tours companies are not all the same. Miami tour operators vary in terms of price, service, and overall experience. While some tour companies in Miami offer complimentary hotel pick-up, while some do not. Another notable difference between Miami tours companies, is price. For example, the Miami City and Boat tour price may range anywhere from $79.00 to $37.00 per person. For the most part all the operators cover the same tourist route although there may be differences on where they stop. Some of the higher end Miami tours operators include a light snack and a normal sized bottle of water to justify their higher prices but otherwise offer little more than more moderately priced companies. 

When looking to book Miami tours it is important to get all the facts! Make sure to ask plenty of questions such as whether hotel pickup is included, whether taxes are included, and so forth...

Some of the highlights on the Miami City and Boat tour are as follow:

  • Little Havana
  • Downtown Miami
  • Bayside Bay Front
  • Biltmore Hotel
  • Star Island
  • Mansions of the rich and famous
  • Venetian Islands

Some other things to see in South Beach are:

  • Holocaust Memorial
  • Botanical Gardens
  • South Beach Park

List of Miami tours and sightseeing attractions