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Miami Tours | Half Price Miami Tour Tickets | August 22, 2015

Posted by Manny Miami on 23rd Aug 2015

ThereĀ’ is Half Price Discount Miami Tours...

And then there are the rest... full priced Miami tour companies.

What makes Discount Miami Tours Company unique from the rest? Perhaps, its our service orientated culture or even more so, it is our unparalleled value added pricing and professional guest services delivery and accountability that sets us apart not only in terms your bang per dollar, but also in reliable and comprehensive guest services professional delivery, follow through, and accountability.

Unlike other Miami tours companies, our published online Miami tours prices are all inclusive of sales taxes, service fees and dishonest and/or obscure booking charges. There are no hidden extras. The Miami tour online price you see is what you get. Guaranteed. We recognize that words can sometimes be meaningless, as such we encourage you to read (notwithstanding, bear in mind that there will always be some bias in online reviews, as consumers are more likely to post a review when they are unsatisfied than when all goes well, just saying...) our Google reviews for yourself.

So what's so great about Discount Miami Tours you might ask?

Well, a lot...

Without going gonzo, let's start with unbeatable value. Our Miami tours pricing offers the most value per dollar than any other Miami tour company. Don't believe it? See for yourself, and that way I might finish this blog early :) We offer all the exact or comparable tours as our competitors for less as you are encouraged to verify for yourself below:

Had enough yet? 

Miami Discount Tours to the Everglades: $35.00 online adult price per person. Includes tax, hotel pickup....out the door pricing guaranteed!