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Miami Tours and the Florida Everglades July 4, 2015

Posted by Manny Miami on 7th Jul 2015

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There are so many tours in Miami. The Everglades tour is one of the top 5 tours visitors do while in Miami.

Here are the Top Miami Tours:

1.  Miami Sightseeing and boat half day tour

2.  Everglades Airboat half day tour

3.   Miami Sightseeing boat tour

4.  Key West full day tour

5. Miami Sea Aquarium half day tour

The Everglades tour Includes transportation, the airboat ride, alligator educational show, and free time to walk and explore the park.

The Everglades are an immense wildlife preserve of green wetlands occupying a large section of Florida. They have the distinction of being a World Heritage Site (UNESCO), and are amongst one of the top visited destinations in the country.

The Everglades, are within a short distance of Miami. Some sections of the western part of the city can actually be considered a part of the Everglades, and sometimes an alligator or two may happen to find its way onto the highway which connects Miami to Everglades National Park.

.Visiting the Everglades

The distance from Miami to Everglades is less than 20 miles, which equates to a 30-minute drive by car. You can also hop onto an Everglades shuttle that operates at convenient hours of the day. It’s a cheaper option than renting a car, and you won’t have to consult maps or worry about the parking if you take the shuttle.

There are several activities you can attempt in the Everglades once you arrive. You can go hiking along one of the many scenic trails that are spread throughout the Everglades National Park or even go biking. You can visit one of the many different tourist attractions that include parks, animal farms and visitor centers, see a wildlife show or even camp for the night there.

Touring the Everglades

The best way to explore the Everglades is in a fan boat. A fan boat is a large and comfortable boat that is propelled along by a large fan mounted at the back. It’s the best way to explore the tough terrain of the Everglades, as the boat can cruise at high speeds through the saw grass, without the propeller getting tangled somewhere.

You can rent an airboat (along with the airboat operator) for a day, or take advantage of an Everglades tours Miami package tour. The Miami Everglades tours packages include airboat tours and alligator tours.

On the airboat tour, you will get to ride the official Everglades airboat and explore the amazing mangrove forests, hammocks, pineland, slough, and sawgrass of the Everglades. The Everglades National Park covers about 1/5th of the total area of the Everglades. It is government protected land, and many species of animals are on the brink of extinction. For example, manatees, the Florida panther, and bobcats can be found here. The airboat tour of the Everglades is a once in a lifetime experience to catch a glimpse of these wonderful animals in their natural habitat.

Everglades Eco-Adventures

The alligator tour of the Everglades is a tour that takes you to see the fearsome reptiles found here. On the tour, you will be taken to places where alligators can be found in plenty, in their natural habitat. The airboat passes so close to them that it’s possible to lean over and pet the animal on the head. You will get lots of chances to click memorable pictures on the tour.

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