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Miami Sightseeing | Venetian Pool

Posted by Manni Miami on 6th Nov 2016

Miami sightseeing tours - Venetian Pool

Venetian Pool in Coral Gables' popular Miami sightseeing destination

It all started in the summer of 1921, Coral Gables, Florida, when George Merrick had a vision. The then Dade County commissioner and land developer planned and designed city, as a response to the unchecked sprawl of a new developing Miami. A city of squares, plazas, and public fountains crowded with homes and high-rise building all guided by an influence of Mediterranean architecture. With the help of other This theme would be the guiding force in the evolution of modern Coral Gables.

It's rich historical and architectural past, adamantly protected by ordinances promote restoration and renewal of this community's historic places.

In the nucleus of one of Coral Gables' suburban neighborhoods, stashed away behind colored stucco walls & wrought-iron barriers, is discovered one of the most popular Miami sightseeing destinations, the Venetian Pool. Proudly listed as the only swimming pool in the Historic National Places Register. Certainly, it is unique kind with Spanish fountain, cascading waterfalls, and three-story viewing turrets.

The pool which is filled by subterrene artesian wells, Venetian Pool was once an excavation cavity. It's primary purpose that of producing limestone.

During its bloom gondolas filled its waters. The popular orchestras of Paul Whitman and Jan Garber serenaded poolside folks as they swaggered beneath the outside stars terrazzo dance floor.

Over one hundred thousand visitants make their way every year to the Venetian Pool. For over five generations, residents, have learned how to swim at the pool. The Venetian Pool is emptied every night during summer and refilled from the underground aquifer which lies directly beneath the pool.

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