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Posted by Manni Miami on 16th Apr 2014

Life in Miami teeters between the sane and the insane on a daily basis. Sure, there's lots to see and do in Miami, but then what? Yes there's never a dull moment, but perhaps, just maybe, that's precisely what normal people need now and then; a dull, quiet, undisturbed moment in time and in place. Well, not to burst anyone's bubble, but, good luck finding a quiet, peaceful, undisturbed moment in Miami, unless of course your in the confines of your own four walls, and given the real estate market in Miami those four walls are so darned close to each other it's enough to drive you insane. unless of course your one of those rich and famous who's homes are part of the daily Miami city and boat tour, which I am not!

After twevle years in Miami Beach, having grown up in good old spacious Michigan, I was ready to jump out of my skin in that cement jungle they've chosen to name "Miami." Call me an old fashion American, but I really like my space. No. I really need my space, and I mean wide open space to be sure. Had I not had the good fortune of returning to Michigan for a spell, surely I would have lost my sanity a not so long time ago. Don't get me wrong, I love Miami. It's amazing, it's a cash cow that never sleeps, yet neither does the hustle. I would even venture to say that those of you who have lived in Miami for any extended time, would agree with me, except of course those who just don't know any better. 

Again. I love Miami. But really, speding twenty minutes looking for a parking spot is not so bad, until you find out it cost $2.00 per hour or more, once you find it, is well, enough to drive anyone nuts. Perhaps that's the reason turn signals are obsolete when driving in Miami. Really. So much so in fact that I recommend you don't even try and use them as you'll simply get cut off just as soon as the other drivers know what and where your trying to go. I mean really, don't even think about using them! Really. Drving in Miami is about the worst punishment you could wish upon your fellow driver. No small wonder Miami is #1 in raod rage, I mean the people drive like frickin maniacs. I hate to say it's a Latino things, is. Thing is I speak the language but I just don't quite understand ryme or rythm of driving in Miami. 

Truth be told the people are not much better. Which makes perfect sense since cars don't drive themselves. Well anyhow, the people for the most part behave no better than they drive. There are no mannerisms, very little courtesy, and if your looking for a book store, good luck finding it! You can find a tatoo shop on every corner but you would find a Barnes and Nobel for the life of you! 

Don't get me wrong, I love Miami, I just no longer need to live there.