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Miami Sightseeing | Miami Tours | Tour Miami | Homeless in Miami are stripped of basic rights

Posted by Raul Arenas on 31st Jan 2019

Miami’s homeless stripped of some rights 

U.S. Judge Federico Moreno supported changes that will strip the homeless of some of the life-sustaining rights they were granted by a historic settlement reached in Miami almost twenty years ago.

As if the homeless are not currently harrassed enough now, Police will now be able to stop homeless people from building fires in parks to cook (a basic necessity), or from building makeshift tents to sleep in (another basic necessity). The homeless can still sleep on sidewalks, so kind of folks, but not if they block the path of pedestrians. Well if it is called a sidewalk, than won't the homeless be blocking pedestrians by default? 

Furthermore, if a homeless person is within a quarter-mile of a public restroom, they can longer expose themselves to relieve themselves or to clean. Great well done, as if the homeless need to smell any worse, let's just prohibit them from cleaning themselves. 

Moreno’s final approval was subsequent to a vote in January by Miami commissioners in order to go along with the agreement worked out between the city and the American Civil Liberties Union. Shame on the American Civil Liberties Union. What, one might ask, did the homeless get return? Apparently nothing.

Apparently, the homeless are simply too much of an eye-sore for those of us better off. These actions only go to show how culturally deficient are society has become. But I guess if no one has to see the homeless than that somehow magically makes the problem go away. Shame on you Miami.