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Miami Sightseeing | Miami Tours | Did you know? The American Bald Eagle can live up to 70 years!

25th Nov 2013

The American Bald Eagle can live up to 70 years! In order to reach this old age the eagle must first endure a mid life transformation.

At approximately age 40 the eagles' old feathers, beak, and talons, are weathered and no longer allow the eagle to hunt for food or fly properly.

At this point, the eagle has two options: die or endure an extremely painful rebirth transformation. In order to begin this transformation, the eagle must

find a reclusive location to nest high up in the mountains, so it won't need to fly. Then the eagle will bang its beak against the mountain rocks until it falls off!

Once the American Eagle grows its new break, it will use the new beak to remove its old talons, one by one. Ouch! Once the

eagle grows new talons, it will use these to pluck out all its old feathers, making room for new ones. Once this amazing

and extremely painful transformation is complete, normally lasting five to six months, the eagle will take its first flight with its newly 

refurbished beak, talons, and feathers. It is only after this long process that the eagle can live another 30 years.