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Miami Sightseeing | Miami Tours | 64 Year Old Woman Swims from Cuba to Key West, Florida

25th Nov 2013

A remarkable sixty-four old Cuban-America woman swims from Havana, Cuba to Key West, Florida. 

Diana Nyad completed this amazing, never before achieved feat, over the course of about 53 hours, without the use of

a shark cage! 

Swollen lips, from the salty water, and slurred words from exhaustion was how she walked up the beach of Key West. After her fifth attempt

trying to achieve this unheard of, unbelievable goal, she was finally triumphant. Surely, Diana Nyad has much to be proud us. She gave thanks to 

her team, which included a physician that gave her IV fluids to prevent dehydration once she landed ashore, but was basically unassisted throughout 

her entire journey. Her heroism came with was with the hopes of strengthening ties between the United States and Cuba. 

Her team also used an instrument that generated an electrical field to help keep curious sharks at a safe distance. Additionally, a boat escort strung a thing rope 

to help Diana Nyad from drifting of course. Her skin appears water logged and wrinkled in the recent photos taken upon here arrival  here in Key West, Florida,

, but none of these things stopped this over-achiever from reaching her goal.