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Miami Sightseeing | Miami Tours | 37 Million Dollar Cocaine bust by Miami Beach Coast Guard

Posted by Raul Arenas on 28th Jan 2014

Early Jan 22, 2014, approximately a thousand miles from Miami, U.S. Coast Guard officers aboard a high tech aircraft pin-pointed a dot on the ocean surface,  at high speed.

Simultaneously, a Coast Guard helicopter aboard a British Royal Fleet vessel in the area gave chase. After several warning shots, a vessel carrying several Coast Guard officers played catch-up with the go-fast boat and soon afterward boarded the boat.

Shortly afterwards, law enforcement officials at the U.S. Coast Guard Miami Beach station showcased their take which contained: 45 bricks of cocaine wrapped tightly in nylon burlap sacks reading “refined sugar” written in Spanish. The coke haul had a street value in excess of $37 million.