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Little White House | Miami to Key West trips

Posted by Manny Miami on 26th Dec 2014

Fun things to do and see in South Florida

A trip from Miami to Key West is not complete without a visit to the Harry Truman, Little White House in Key West.

Since the year 1890, history has taken its tide on the Truman Little White House. Originally, it served as the naval station’s command headquarters during the Spanish-American War, World War I and subsequently World War II. In 1946, the historic building first served as the Winter White House of President Harry S. Truman and a site for the Cold War response by subsequent presidents. Today, the Truman Little White House is a public, Key West Museum and additionally a retreat to conduct government business by our nation's leaders. 

In 1974, improvements in technology rendered the Key West Submarine Base obsolete, consequently the Little White House went through a prolonged twelve-year period of disuse. On
January 1, 1987, the title to this presidential museum was transferred to the State of Florida in order to order to receive permanent protection. Starting in 1988, more than two million dollars have been privately raised and gone into its restoration. 

One-day tours from Miami to Key West are a great and affordable way to visit Key West from Miami