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Justified to shoot? Really? | That's really not the point here! Is it? | Let's make America Great Again!

Posted by Manny Miami on 3rd Sep 2015

 Make America Great Again...Let's Stop Selling Hate and Sell Trumplestillskin PiƱatas Instead...

Justified to shoot? Really? Is that really the point here! Is it? Really? 

The indignation, stupefying and brainwashing of our otherwise historically economically fruitful and peaceful minded democratic society is intellectually and otherwise utterly repulsive. Our country, society, and cultural genius is  now being turned upside down utterly upon its head, championed and camouflaged under the auspices of an unrelenting right-winged, unashamed fascism, which indignant, racist, and which goes against the fiber and thread of our great country. 

Whatever happened to just shooting people in the leg? Does a justified shooting really necessarily warrant shooting someone in the back, or repeatedly and mercilessly shooting an unarmed citizen in the head point blank and without consequence?