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Facts about the Florida Everglades

Posted by Manni Miami on 4th Jan 2015

Everglades Facts,  The Heron plant is so rare that can only found around the Florida Everglades. This is the land where ghost orchids grow wild and in abundance. The ghost orchid is actually found in the Fakahatchee Strand, on the northern boundary of the park.

The Everglades, before people settled in earnest in South Florida, was the entire area from Lake Okeechobee south to Florida Bay - basically all of the southern portion of the peninsula.

The size of the Everglades National Park is approximately 1,509,000 acres, and it's the largest wilderness area that exists, east of the Mississippi River.

There are no underground springs in the Everglades - unlike the rest of Florida. Instead, a huge reservoir called the Floridan Aquifer lies roughly 1,000 feet down. Water into the Everglades is primarily through rainfall, as the main supply of water from Lake Okeechobee has been blocked.

Today's Everglades National Park is less than 50% of what existed of the 'Glades before all the drainage efforts started.

There are 36 protected species that live inside the park, including the American crocodile, snail kite, West Indian manatee, Cape Sable seaside sparrow, Florida panther and four types of sea turtles.

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