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Everglades Tours

Posted by Manny Miami on 25th Aug 2016

Everglades and Miami Tours

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Miami tours and Everglades’s tours make Fascinating tours

Everglades Park seems overwhelmingly large, but it is accessible through the Everglades City and the Shark Valley to the northern section, while the southern section can be accessed near Homestead and Florida City. Everglades tours and Miami tours are the two popular Florida’s destinations. This can be covered from Orlando on a day trip.

Everglades National Park can be visited on an airboat adventure. Proceed to Miami beaches and go on Biscayne Bay cruise, shop at Bayside marketplace and have a delicious continental breakfast. Everglades and Miami highlights are the airboat ride that is a beautiful 1.4 hours cruise alongside the Biscayne Bay that offers a tour of everything. See the rich and famous homes and also admire the Art Deco architecture.

Airboat Tours: These were invented by frog hunters in the Everglades as they were tired of shifting through the brushes. Airboat tours are same as hydraulic boats and move high speeds. They cut the saw grass and are efficient to get around. They are not permitted in the park as they  damage shallow plants and animals. However, in the Everglade boundaries, there are numerous outfitters offering rides.

Tip: These high-speed boats make a loud noise. Carry earplugs it helps.

Canoe Tours -- Explore the backcountry Everglades through canoe. Pass through the mangroves, walk the sands and slide across grass prairies.

The airboat ride for 40 minutes takes you to the swamp lands and eco-system of Florida offering a closer view of the interactive snake and alligator handling show, alligators and get good photo opportunities. Grab food at Bayside Marketplace and shop sometime. This is followed by the cruise to enjoy the scenic waterway of Miami. walk through the area, visit the south Beach, admire the art, soak in the culture or grab something to eat, they are surely the best tours in the world showing the popular hot spots.

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