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Everglades Tours | Miami Tours | September 28, 2015

Posted by Manny Miami on 27th Sep 2015

Fantastic Open Top Double Decker Tours

Miami Double Decker offers open top Double Decker tours of the city that are sure to appeal to all age groups

and people with varied interests. Whether you are visiting Miami on work or vacation, you should make an

effort to take a bus tour of the city.

Ideal Weather

The open top Double Decker tours of Miami are ideal for the sunny weather. They enable you to enjoy time in

the sun even as you obtain a comprehensive introduction to the city. These tours start at the terminal and cover

most of the important areas of the city. The tours will take you to South Beach, Miami Beach, past the Art Deco

homes, the historic Coconut Grove, the European style homes in Coral Gables, and the Little Havana district

with its distinct Hispanic influences.

Spectacular Skyline

Open-top Double Decker tours are a great way to see Miami because the city has a spectacular and unique

skyline. For instance, the Art Deco buildings in pastel colors are different from the European style homes Coral

Gables, which are again different from the homes in Coconut Grove or those in Little Havana. Besides, the tour

will take you past South Beach and Miami Beach, each with its own individual characteristics.

Other distinct areas of Miami include the Bricknell financial district with its high rise, modern buildings and the

Bayside Market Place which is a mall with a view of the Biscayne Bay.

A tour on the open top bus ensures that you are free to take photos and view the sights without having to worry

about the traffic, parking, and route. Instead, you can sit back and enjoy the beauty of the city and the weather,

listen to the narration that fill you in with local lore and information and helps you locate the places where

many Hollywood movies were filmed.

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