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Everglades Eco-Adventure Tours

Posted by Pinky and the Brain on 21st Apr 2016


Come on out and experience an adventure of your lifetime! We welcome the opportunity to show you around Everglades National Park and have you experience the Everglades' finest attraction: Everglades Safari Park! 

Safari Park

Everglades Safari Park has a modern fleet of airboats of all sizes, capable of accommodating singles, couples, families, and large groups which takes you on a visit to the largest remaining swampland in the world. 

You will see alligators, turtles, a great mixture of plants and exotic birds and animal life on one of the best and safest airboats in South Florida, as well as witness the serene beauty of the untamed wilderness of the Everglades. Safari Park is the only park that guarantees you to see alligators!

Gator Park

Watch alligator wrestling from just a few steps away! This barehanded technique was originally used by the Seminole Indians to capture alligators and showcases the great power and agility of the gators. If you’re looking for something more than a souvenir from your trip to Miami, you can actually hold a real live baby gator in your hands. No other alligator showputs you in the action quite like ours.

There’s no better way to get up-close and personal with alligators than to watch one of the professional alligator handlers put on a live alligator show right in front of you. Cameras are allowed, so be sure to take plenty of photos to show your friends back home how alligator wrestling is really done! The Everglades wildlife show is not to be missed!