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Posted by Pinky and the Brain on 19th Apr 2016

Looking for a ton of FUN and for the TOP Attractions to experience while you’re in Orlando? So use this guide to steer you to the Best Attractions and memorable animal live Shows that SeaWorld Orlando has to offer! 

Most importantly, SeaWorld is all about animals: From the amazing Shamu to beluga whales to bottlenose dolphins and rays to sea turtles, marine life abounds!


Kraken celebrated its 15th birthday this year, it is still one of the most popular attractions at SeaWorld Orlando. The park’s first roller coaster, Kraken is a coral teal, floorless beast that takes riders through a trough of inversions, and once the ride is over, you will jumping back in line to try to tackle the famous coaster again.


Over the past several years, SeaWorld had become a hotbed for new roller coasters in Orlando, and one of the best in town is Manta, a flying roller coaster that will zip you around the warm air that will have you thinking that you’re actually flying. As is the case of most of SeaWorld’s attractions, Manta is an exhibit as well, showcasing sting rays and other exotic animal life.

Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin

Opened in 2013, Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin is a first-of-its-kind dark ride that allows guest to explore the Antarctica landscape and the creatures that inhabit the frozen land. The attraction is the largest in the SeaWorld chain, and it is indeed the coolest attraction in all of Orlando, literally.

Journey to Atlantis

A one-of-a-kind “watercoaster,” Journey to Atlantis akes you on a water flume adventure aboard an eight-passenger boat that features a re-creation of the mythical city of Atlantis and a 60-foot-drop into a splash pool (prepare to get soaked!).

Wild Arctic

Ever wanted to experience what polar bears and other animals that make their home in the Arctic Ocean experience? Well, you can at the Wild Arctic attraction, which is a hybrid of a ride and an exhibit. Opened in 1992, the attraction carries you through a series of exhibits that features whales, seals, and walruses. The ride portion will take you on a motion-simulated helicopter ride over the Arctic, and it will make you feel almost like you’re actually flying!

Blue Horizons

SeaWorld's dolphin show has evolved over the years, adding more Broadway- and Cirque du Soleil-style elements, including acrobats, characters, and elaborate staging.  And yes, those do include jumping dolphins. A theatrical spectacular showcases majestic animals such as dolphins and false killer whales, as well as talented divers, trapeze artists and exotic birds.

Shark Encounter

Travel along the world’s largest underwater acrylic tunnel at Shark Encounter and view an assortment of shark species, as well as barracuda, eels and venomous fish.

Shamu Express

Shamu Express is one of the best kid coasters out there; it’s a great one to test how your little ones will react to slightly bigger coasters. And with a really short track, it loads quickly. Still, it’s best to avoid this and all of Shamu’s Happy Harbor immediately before or after a Shamu show.