A Day Trip to Toledo Spain: Oh Those Angel's Eyes! | Miami Tours & Sightseeing

8th Jun 2019

A Madrid holiday is not complete without a day trip to Toledo Spain which offers a unique and diverse shared culture. Toledo is that special kind of place from which fairy tales come true and angels are real. Encircled by water, moats, and bridges Toledo has endured the test of time and triumphantly won. And alas preserved are the remains of a culture so rich as it is diverse.

Toledo is a magical place. A place of swords, of nights in shining armor, of drawbridges, and towering stone castles, of princes, and damsels in distress. A place of war and of peace, a place where the tales of the great Arabian nights and the armies of Christ crossed paths, as was the destiny of history, forever ingrained. Toledo is a place of long lost dreams and with a faith all of its own, forever preserved in the ripples of time. Toledo is a wondrous place.

I have been to Toledo many times yet I knew that this time it would be a new experience, something much more special. As fortune would have it, I accompanied by a true Moroccan angel. With her large oval, coffee-colored, wonderful eyes. Eyes that instantly paralyze one's heart and soul, leaving them nowhere to hide. Like the wind blowing and shaping the deserts, such were those eyes. Oh, those, vast as the desert, beautiful brown eyes. Oh, those magnificent caramel-colored, chocolate eyes. Those eyes that with a simple blink, will captivate your heart and will shipwreck all your thoughts, and hold you like a diamond in its stone tomb, forever suspended in time. Oh, those wonderful and dangerous brown eyes!