Top Reasons the Majority of People Don't Enjoy Vacations

Top Reasons the Majority of People Don't Enjoy Vacations

Posted by Miami Discount Tours on 30th Jul 2019

Less than 1% of people who take vacations become satisfied, renewed and happy according to a survey conducted by the CIS in 2017. A figure that highlights that just having vacations is not enough to enjoy them and that there are many people who, despite have them, they don't know how to do it. This is what Sonia Sauret, a psychologist and personal coach specializing in emotional intelligence, reflects on the reasons why many people are unable to feel fully happy on vacation.

"The first impediment to this enjoyment comes from the mind and, specifically, has its origin in certain beliefs that limit happiness," he explains. According to Sauret, they are preconceived ideas that we hold about the things of life, others and ourselves. These may be rational or not. And precisely this distinction is what makes a good holiday, well planned, with the best company and even in the best place in the world, end up being a disaster. As the psychologist Sonia Sauret explains, there are three specific beliefs that can annoy a good summer vacation.

1. The idea that it is a disgrace that things do not go according to plan

This belief is a vacation classic. Planning a trip should serve as guidance and inspiration, in order to make the most of free time, but it should never be a strict guide. The solution is to learn to flow with the circumstances and look for the positive part of everything that deviates from the plan. A study, conducted by the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom, revealed that people feel happier when they plan vacations than on their own trip, and even happier than when they expect to acquire a material good.

And this is confirmed by another study by the psychologist Thomas Gilovich, a professor at Cornell University, United States. The psychologist Sonia Sauret emphasizes that the excitement and illusion of choosing a destination, preparing the suitcase, buying the tickets, organizing the routes and visits can even be more pleasant than the trip itself if one is not flexible with the plan and one does not open To the surprises of the trip.

2. The idea that you should remain concerned about something that has not been resolved

This way of thinking focuses on believing that worrying about something causes problems to be resolved, even if experience says otherwise. «Going on vacation means forgetting about work and everyday worries. Who goes on a trip is not only the body, but also the mind. You have to take vacation from problems. And just take care of them on the way back, refreshed and relaxed, ”explains Sonia Sauret.

A study by Northstar Research Partners revealed that only 26% of travelers surveyed feel relaxed at the time of vacation. The way to overcome this bad habit of sticking to problems is achieved when we consciously say goodbye to them for a few days and learn to live in the present.

3. The idea that happiness comes from outside

Many people may fall into the trap of believing that happiness depends on the circumstances and others. «Thinking in this way, one becomes a slave to the destination, the mood of the family and traveling companions, the mishaps of the road, the unexpected changes of the last minute, the delays, the conditions of the hotel rooms, the bad or good weather, if it rains or is too hot and everything outside the control of oneself, ”says Sauret.

The way not to fall into this trap is to decide to be responsible for your own happiness and let others be happy in their own way, even if they deviate from the plan. Opening to novelty and getting out of the script is probably the most appropriate option to return satisfied with the holidays. And thus belong to that much desired 0.6% of the population.

Freeing yourself from these three ideas makes the mind forget the rigid expectations about how vacations should be, and open up to new possibilities. Daniel Gilbert, professor of psychology at Harvard University in the United States, says that expectations that are too high, associated with what he calls flat happiness, happiness without ups and downs, are a fantasy that is almost never fulfilled. As psychologist Sonia Sauret points out, "happiness is a personal decision, made day by day, that can change anyone's life, even on vacation, whatever happens."

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