Spain in America the Black Legend Lives On

Spain in America the Black Legend Lives On

Posted by Mani Miami on 23rd Aug 2019

The journalist, historian and writer Jesús Ángel Rojo receives Actuall in an amphitheater full of deeds, heroes and battles, these sports, such as the Real Café Bernabéu, from where you can see the inside of the stadium that houses the club of his loves.

But if his passion for football is great, he is no greater than he has for the History of Spain, a cinderella for many that was, in fact, "the greatest encounter of races and cultures of Universal History."

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Country by country, Jesús Ángel Rojo, describes in the invincibles of America (Editorial El Capitan) the ventures and misadventures of men who forged their character under the influence of the Reconquest and the desire to achieve fame and glory as the protagonists of the Cavalry books

The defense of the Spanish deed in America, which ended (even with excesses) with the savagery of its original inhabitants, has earned Jesus Angel Red the contempt of the indigenous people, who have insulted and threatened him. Despite this, Rojo does not take control and maintains his commitment to History and Spain, the mother of America.

Is the invincible of America a way to claim the germ of Hispanity?

Yes of course. What it does is discover the world that the greatest encounter of races, cultures of universal history was made by the Spaniards. Hence the birth of the "cosmic race" of which Vasconcelos spoke: the union of black, white and Indian and, in this case, also of the Asian since we were also in the Philippines, creating a union of races that now Many people claim with multiculturalism. The Spaniards already performed it at the time.

«We are heirs of those who created the largest mestizo nation in the world that is Latin America»

Are we talking about a superior race?

Hispanity is not talking about the supremacy of races from a biological point of view, but about the union of races from a spiritual point of view, which is what Hispanity means. Everyone who is Hispanic is born, lives and dies in a different way than the rest.

We are heirs of those who created the largest mestizo nation in the world that is Latin America and something extraordinary that is Hispanidad and also includes sister countries in Africa and Asia.

What value do descendants of the Catholic Monarchs and Moctezuma participate in the book?

When talking about America it is essential to talk about the Catholic Monarchs. Without them Spain would not have existed and America would not have been discovered.

But Hispanidad is not only of some, but also of indigenous Americans, of that union of races and cultures. Unlike other countries, Spain created a New World of which the indigenous was part. In fact, in 1524 the first schools for the natives were created.

That is why the book also had to be part of that world, in this case through the firstborn descendant of Moctezuma II. We cannot speak of Hispanity if we do not speak of the two parties.

«Spain will never leave America for the simple reason that we have left our genes, our culture and our religion»

The book shows, above all, moments of splendor. Why choose those moments of light? Does the black legend try to fight - later centuries?

We are talking about the parents of America by countries. They can be moments of splendor, like Hernán Cortés when he conquers the Aztec empire and they can also be very complicated moments. This happened to Valdivia, defeated in the battle of Tucumel and tortured for three days in which the Indians cut him with shells pieces of meat and eat them.

The conquest is the example of men who had a will of steel, the ability to overcome the most difficult moments and a determination that made them unique.

And above all, beyond the point of view of the conquest or the military point of view, the Christian civilization that brought Spain to all of Spain is something unique.

Something very different from what the English and French did ...

No country, such as the United Kingdom or France, has done so when they performed their great deeds. On the contrary: they were limited to eliminating everything that was there to bring their world to the conquered areas.

Spain no. He created a new world, that mestizo race. Spain will never leave America for the simple reason that we have left our genes, our culture and our religion.

“A person can be a communist and atheist and be as patriotic as a Catholic and right-wing person. That is normal in any country in the world »

Why do you think there is so much shame in revindicating the company of Spain in America?

Unfortunately, in Spain there is one thing called the Black Legend that was a propaganda weapon in times of war, of nations that were much less militarily coin Spain.

What is unfortunate is that it has reached our times almost intact. Even more unfortunate is that part of our society considers it good.

How does this affect?

In a complex way of educating that confuses loving your country with an ideology and is absurd. A person can be a communist and atheist and be as patriotic as a Catholic and right-wing person. That is normal in any country in the world. Not in Spain here, because hate and ignorance generally try to confront one another.

«It cannot be that there is a law that tells how History has to be. That only happens in countries like North Korea or Cuba »

Will we be able in Spain to talk about history leaving the trenches and apriorisms?

I think so. It has to end. History has to be made by historians. It cannot be that Spain is a country where there is a law that says how History has to be. That only happens in countries like North Korea or Cuba.

Politicians do not have to make history. Our education system has to fall into the hands of professionals. It cannot be divided into 17 systems. It cannot be that in Catalonia and the Basque Country, hatred of the rest of Spain and, in the Community of Madrid, the Black Legend of Spain is being studied.

Why is it important for a society to preserve the memory of its heroes and the pride of past deeds?

Because a country that forgets its history is a country without present and without future. In addition, we would surely not make the mistakes we are making if our politicians knew the true history of Spain, if they read a little more.

“We don't have to go to the Odyssey that the Greeks told us. The Spaniards made that book, but really ”

Let's talk about those heroes that he addresses in the book. Would it be possible to make a classification of conquerors by the greatness of their deeds? Are Pizarro, Cabeza de Vaca, Valdivia or Cortés comparable?

All are complementary. Although the truth is that as a feat, there is that of Francisco Pizarro who has been the Spanish conqueror who has incorporated more territories into the crown. And unfortunately all the biographies have treated him like a genocidal.

Does it surpass Columbus?

His feat is even greater than that of Columbus. Because he manages to conquer the Inca empire after three attempts. We are talking about a person who does not know how to practically read or write. Therefore, he has to have spectacular intelligence: he has to lead a tiny army, he enters a great empire and is able to analyze the entire political situation, take a hand blow and reach Cuzco as liberator of the Incas.

And then what he does is incorporate the Inca nobility to respect the old authorities and incorporate into their new way of governing.

He managed armies, built cities, protected the Indians no matter how much the Black Legend says and mixed: his daughter was the first mestizo nobleman who arrived in Spain, Francisca Pizarro Yupanqui, something unique in universal history.

Portrait of the Spanish conqueror Francisco Pizarro, by Amable-Paul Coutan (1835) / Wikipedia

Portrait of the Spanish conqueror Francisco Pizarro, by Amable-Paul Coutan (1835) / Wikipedia

Pizarro is on his cusp ... and the others?

Then there are odysseys like that of [Álvar Núñez] Cabeza de Vaca, which runs throughout the United States. We don't have to go to Greek mythology, to The Odyssey that the Greeks told us. The Spanish made that book, but really.

Or Francisco de Orellana who travels the Amazon building a ship in the same jungle. Or Ponce de León, something incredible. Or Quesada, in his frantic search for El Dorado; or to Coronado, who looked for the seven cities of Cíbola ...

Did they seek more gold or achieve certain glory and eternity with their adventures?

It is important to know your psychology. We speak of an era in which the books of chivalry are beginning to develop, where glory, reaching the greatest conquest was even more interesting than money itself. Hernando de Soto had a fortune equivalent to about 12 million euros. But he invests it all in looking for a city like Tenochtitlán or Cuzco.

Unfortunately he does not find it, but he did go to glory to discover the Mississippi River, one of the largest in the world.

In indigenist circles the concept of ‘discovery’ is rejected. Was it more a discovery, an encounter, an invasion, a colonization, an evangelization ... or a mixture of all?

I give an example. Imagine that you are in the countryside, you start to snack and find a treasure. Who finds the treasure? Have you or the treasure found you? Logically, the initiative to reach America was Spanish and therefore for the western world, America was discovered.

It was not an encounter ... Columbus was not cited by the natives of America to be found anywhere. It is definitely an absurdity of these people who want negar reality with arguments that seem like a small child.

But if there was no meeting at the beginning, there was later and it was he who facilitated the miscegenation ...

Of course. But they want to point out that the discovery of America in 1492 did not exist. From the first stupid to the end they decapitate everything that was the Spanish presence.

And the genocide?

There was never a genocide in Latin America. In Mexico, for example, 60 percent of the population is mestizo, 30 percent is indigenous and 10 percent white. If you go a little further north, in the USA, you will see that there are no mestizos and the Indians are in reserves.

It's stupid. Most of the conquerors, from Hernán Cortés, Ponce de León, Alvarado, Pizarro himself, etc., married indigenous people and formed mestizo families.

«Indians suffer when Latin American countries become independent»

This protection of the indigenous was not only a desire, but was sustained by laws ...

The Spanish Crown considers them subjects. Isabel la Católica, in her will; the Laws of Burgos of 1512 was the first legal text in history that considered a conquered people for the first time; and the laws of 1542 that reaffirm that the Indian is a free man.

They are harmful laws for Spaniards who were in America. In addition, the natives, when the emancipation of the brother peoples arrives, did not want the Crown to leave. In fact, they fought for the Spaniards.

When the Latin American countries become independent, it is when the Indians suffer because the new republics say that we are all equal and therefore the Indians do not have to have privileges. From there, the great oligarchies are dedicated to take away their lands and harm the indigenous people. Since then they do not raise their heads and not during the time of the Crown.

So, the Spanish deed in America, far from being a genocide, was the germ of human rights?

The laws of Burgos of 1512 are the basis of future human rights. There are rights such as women entitled to maternity leave, even three years; that the Indians have to work and receive a salary and be protected ... There are no more paternalistic laws than those of the Crown.

In Spain surely there is some murderer, some rapist and some thief. That does not mean that they are all murderers, thieves, or rapists. Of course there were excesses and they were denounced by Spain itself. It was the Crown itself that takes action.

A very different thing from the Anglo-Saxons who said: we need this land, let the extermination begin. That is what happened and there are the results: Latin America, the largest mestizo nation in the world. In North America there is practically no indigenous.

«With the arrival of the Spaniards, an aberrant thing such as cannibalism and the sacrifice of human beings was ended»

On the other hand, not only laws were given that preserved the dignity of every human being, but a series of absolutely inhuman practices was eradicated.

People have to know where the word cannibal comes from, which is precisely from the Caribbean Indians who lived in the islands of the Caribbean Sea. The Aztecs not only made human sacrifices, but they were also cannibals. In fact, when they took a prisoner, they sacrificed him and returned the body to the family of the one who had captured him to be eaten.

If the Spaniards had not reached the Aztec empire, it would have reached a total collapse. They say it to the indigenous people themselves, because they sacrificed and ate about 250,000 people a year.

In Tzitzén Itza, one of the seven wonders of the world, they explain how they took children from 3 to 11 years old and threw them through the sacred cenote so that it rained or had good harvests; or they cut their arms and threw them. True aberrations in authentic amusement parks of horror and blood.

So, indigenist goodism, what's left?

It is absolutely false that the natives were like little sisters of charity. They were very violent people, very bloody and who behaved horribly with themselves.

It should be noted that Jesús Ángel Rojo has faced a very strong campaign by indigenous groups to spread the historical analysis that sheds light on the benefit of the conquest of America by the Spaniards for the autochthonous population.

«Evo Morales, is a racist who is promoting the expulsion of the mestizo and white»

Do you share the feeling that the Latin American world is today more connected with Spain, with the Motherland, than the other way around?

Since the 70s, Spain lives self-conscious and it is believed that the best is in Europe and stops looking towards Latin America. I think the European Union is very good, but I have much more in common with an Argentine, a Cuban or a Venezuelan than with a German.

Mainly because that Argentine, Cuban or Venezuelan Olano has at least half of his Spanish blood; We share the same language, the same culture and have similar behaviors very different from those of a German, a Frenchman or an Anglo-Saxon.

So was support for Evo Morales a mistake?

We cannot support, as was done from the Government of Spain to governments such as that of Evo Morales, a man who is a racist, who is promoting the expulsion of the mestizo and the target; promoting the expulsion or elimination of Hispanidad, of that concept of spectacular communion left by the Spaniards.

It is a disgrace for Bolivia to have political figures in that infamous category.

The surrender of Granada, by Francisco Pradilla

The surrender of Granada, by Francisco Pradilla

Would the American company have been possible without the previous impulse of the Reconquest?

The Reconquest is fundamental. After seven centuries we had real ‘rambos’ in our armies. When Granada is taken in 1492, it must be remembered that at that time the Ottomans had taken Constantinople and were threatening virtually all of Europe.

In the Christian world, the capture of Granada was seen as the opposition to the conquest of Constantinople. In fact, in London it was celebrated in style; In Rome there were three days of masses and celebrations. Without the capture of Granada and the union of Castile and Aragon, Isabel la Católica would never have financed Columbus's trip.

In addition, Queen Elizabeth makes that decision for a religious reason. Rather than conquering wealth and gold, I wanted to conquer souls for the Catholic cause.

Isabel I of Castilla, portrayed by Joaquín Domínguez in 1859 / Ayto. of Sevilla

Isabel I of Castilla, portrayed by Joaquín Domínguez in 1859 / Ayto. of Sevilla

Let's go deeper into the Catholic Queen, because without it the Conquest would have been impossible as we know it now, even if Fernando had only done it ...

Recently I heard one of these Anglo-Saxon Hispanics so famous that Castilla had nothing to do with the conquest and discovery of America and that Isabel la Católica neither.

But it is fundamental, first, in the History of Spain. Without it, there would be no Spain as we know it. And then, in universal history because she has a vision, in the 16th century (although it was beginning to be believed that the earth was round, it was still thought that it was rather flat and with very precarious navigation instruments) and takes a fundamental decision that was the basis of his whole life: wanting the best for the lands of Castile, for the lands of Spain and for the new subjects of the Crown that were the natives.

It was an advance ...

They speak of Abraham Lincoln as the person who abolished slavery, but the first time a monarch abolished slavery in a conquered area was Isabel de Castilla, who considers the new subjects of the Crown with the same rights as a Murcian, who A Basque, than an Aragonese. That is exceptional.

Isabel de Castilla, when Columbus brought the first slaves, immediately banned slavery. He was a Renaissance person who will go down in history books as the best queen that has ever existed, not only in Spain, but in the world.

There are many films of the British virgin Queen, Elizabeth I, who was a secondary queen who contributed nothing to the world or the United Kingdom. The real Isabel that has to go down in history with gold letters is Isabel la Católica.