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Sometimes less is more: Robbin Williams

Sometimes less is more: Robbin Williams

Posted by Manny Miami on 14th Aug 2014

The loss of Robin Williams is certainly a hard to rationalize tragedy...

Perhaps it is helpful to bow our heads and humbles ourselves with the reality that we are not "success" and wealth are not ends in and of themselves. Too often we read, watch, and hear about tragedies such as with Robbin Williams, people who have seemingly reached the "top of the ladder." It is perhaps only then that one realizes that what fuels our desires and wants is simply knowing that there is yet but another step in the ladder, and that once  one reaches the very top, where there are no more steps, but only empty space, one quench for life quickly fades into the abyss. In other words, what makes life worth living apparently seems to be the certainty of being able to achieve yet another, higher level. We see this so often played out in the mainstream media. Celebrities, whom once reaching the materialistic top, are prodded into seeking a higher level of existence other than that of a materialistic one. We see these individuals seeking a higher form of existence, i.e., a spiritual existence rather than simply a non-gratifying  materialistic existence.

So it would appear that sometimes less is more, and more is less. An anonymous philosopher was once quoted as having said that, "the root to all wisdom lays in irony." So perhaps is equally important to be grateful for those little unnoticed niceties of life so often and unwisely take for granted. It may be that happiness is not to be found in leaping to the top, but rather it is found in the taking of baby steps in the hope of never reaching the top.