Miami City and Boat Tours

Miami City and Boat Tours

31st Jul 2019

The boat ride lasts 90 minutes. During this time we will visit the Port of Miami (the largest cruise port in the world), Miami Beach and the Bay of Biscay, focusing on its three most famous islands: Star Island, Palm Island and Hibiscus Island.

Among the most important places we will see are the houses of various celebrities, including Al Capone, Julio Iglesias, Gloria Estefan, Shaquille O'Neal or Paulina Rubio.

During the tour we will also see some of the places used for the filming of famous films, such as Scarface (The Price of Power) or The Adams Family. Usher and Shakira have also recorded video clips in this area.

How is the ship?

The ship has two floors, the upper one uncovered (with awning) and the lower one with air conditioning. It has a cafeteria and bathroom.

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