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Living in Miami: Is romance dead?

Living in Miami: Is romance dead?

Posted by Manny Miami on 1st Dec 2014

Hello and thanks for reading my South Florida blog.

I find myself pondering two questions, of perhaps no rational consequence yet that are nagging nonetheless, "Is romance dead?" and "Is there such a thing as true love?"

Certainly, these are huge questions that invariably I will obviously not be able to answer in any definitive way. Nonetheless, I think it worthwhile to entertain the subject and at least attempt to respond to these lingering questions in my mind. For those of you that are not of the romantic type, there's probably not much point in reading on. Since you probably don't give much importance to the notion of something so elusive as the notion of true love. Moreover, this notion of true love and romance more than likely doesn't fit in and/or has no place or time in your "logical" and "practical" lifestyle. So you might want to quit reading now, before I give you a needless headache. Conversely, if you are a hopeless romantic as myself, please feel free to read onward.

I suppose before even trying to attempt answering this question, some guidelines and/or constraints would be useful. Consequently and to this end, perhaps forefront, we should agree that some of the most important things that we, cherish, strive for, and attempt to obtain, in life are intangible. Furthermore, by intangible, I understand this to be something that can not be quantified in the material sense which additionally  can be neither proved or disproved by science. And this my friends is where the "fine line" becomes extremely grey and rather wide. To better understand this fact, some illustrations would be well in order, I believe.

Let's just take the concept of the number "0", for example. The mathematician would almost certainly agree that the number "0" does in fact exist as it can be plainly demonstrated that its invaluable in many mathematical formulae and such. Yet ask this same mathematician the question of whether "love" is real, and there's a good change he may become a bit irritated since he can't conveniently plug it into his formulae. Ironically however, the claim that the number "0" is real, is illogical. Furthermore, we can inarguably come to the conclusion that our mathematician is not only contradicting himself but perhaps being a bit of a hypocrite. Since neither the number "0" or "true love" can be proved to exist. Afterall, these are not tangible things in the conventional sense, but rather they are concepts, ideas, and indubitably, intangible, unquantifiable, and immaterial. After all, the number "0" is defined as an irrational number, is it not? In fact, it actually is used to represent that which "is not." In other words, it represents nothingness.

Logically, if we can agree that the concept of "0" is real, then one would logically have to concede, that the concept and/or idea of "true love", is equally as real. Afterall, in the same way the number "0" is used in a formula to derive a result or solution, so can "true love" be applied to a real life formula. To illustrate and make my point, assume we plug the variable, "true love", into the equation of life. This equation will undoubtedly produce a result, although it may or may not be as well defined as a mathematical equation, it is just as real nonetheless. Moreover, the result of this undefined equation is often unpredictable. Unpredictable yes, but perhaps only because we lack the required knowledge to input all the unknown intangible variables into this complex equation we call life. Suffice it to stay, we could stay up all night debating the merits and demerits of my assertion. Yet a common sense look at real life historical and in daily events, I believe, supports my notion that "true love" does in fact, exist. Moreover, it follows that if "true love" does in fact exist, then so must then "romance" exist. After all, has is not been love of self, love of another, love of our beloved, and love of country and home that have ultimately propelled humanity, socially, and humanity culturally forwards? Is it not the notoriety and illusiveness of love itself that has miraculously defeated evil at every turn. Yes. Love has overcome evil, not only in human folklore, literature, art, culture, and society, but at every moral  apex of humanities historical past. Really. We don't need to be historians or anything even remotely close to that. One might simply observe the natural love between a mother and her child to confirm the existence of "true love."

Call me a hopeless irrational romantic if we will but I stand fast and unshakeable in the assertion that "real love' and romanticism not only exist but that they invariably are here to stay for the duration. So long as life exists, so shall the light of true love and romance forever shine and play the magical musical notes of the song of life.

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